What HairToStay Recipients are Saying…

“Without HairToStay I wouldn’t be able to afford to do cold caps. The thought of losing my hair was actually harder to imagine than losing my breasts… Having a positive attitude plays a big part in getting through each day during active treatment.

Dana Sobotka

“I thought I was just protecting my privacy and keeping myself “normal” for my child. I didn’t know then the power that this process would have over my overall experience and, I believe, is having in my outcome.”

Kristin Haynes

“I was devastated in the thought of not having my own hair to hold that veil in place on my wedding day… keeping my hair allowed me the opportunity to share my journey with who I wanted to share it with, and hold on to my secret when I didn’t want the world to know.”

Kathryn Sullivan

“HairToStay made it possible for me to go with Cold cap therapy with a light heart and not completely dread Chemo treatment.”

Radhika Jain

“HairToStay made it so easy to get help paying for my caps. Thanks for being there when I needed you the most.”

Abishai Lawson

100% of recipients reported that the overall experience with the subsidy reimbursement process was positive or very positive.

How was your overall experience with the subsidy reimbursement process?

99% of recipients reported that the ability to receive a subsidy was important in their decision to use scalp cooling.

Hear from Stephanie Wells one of our recipients…

Our Impact…

Over 800 subsidies awarded to date

Our HairToStay recipients have a lot to say about scalp cooling and about us! We provide each of them with an optional pre and post treatment survey. Here’s what they are saying:

Our Survey Said:

“The majority of recipients have children at home; amplifying the desire for normalcy.”

“Preserving hair during chemo treatments has an incredible impact on careers, relationships, everyday interactions and is vital to an overall sense of wellbeing during a difficult time.”

“Most recipients felt retaining their hair bolstered their desire to be more social and helped control privacy, and many said that without HairToStay they were unsure of how to finance the scalp cooling treatment.”

“Nearly 70% said they would recommend the scalp cooling treatment to others.”

“More than 80% said overall, the scalp cooling treatment was worth pursuing and the financial and emotional support HairToStay provides is invaluable.”

A third of recipients retained more than 80% of hair.

Half of recipients retained at least 40% of their hair.

80-90% of recipients report that scalp cooling had a positive impact on the following:

60-75% of patients report that scalp cooling had a positive impact on their relationships: