Understanding how much hair is tied to one’s identity, L’ange creates hair care and styling tools to celebrate and empower women to express their inner beauty every day.

That’s why L’ange Hair has partnered with HairToStay and Rapunzel to help more low-income cancer patients save their hair using scalp cooling, and transform their cancer treatment journey.

There are two ways you can help! Clicking on the Donate Button will enable you to support both HairToStay and Rapunzel. You can also take part in the delicious partnership HairToStay has with award-winning chocolatier, Charles Chocolates.

Send incredible Valentine’s Day gifts to that special someone, family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and teachers, and 20% of your purchase will go toward helping low-income cancer patients save their hair using scalp cooling technology. Use code L’ANGE at checkout! 

Nothing closes social distance like a box of chocolates.

Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s Day with a decadent box of handmade chocolates from Charles Chocolates. Your gift also helps low-income cancer patients save their hair, with 20% of your purchase going to HairToStay! Just use code L’ANGE at checkout.

Valentine's Day Meltaway Heart Collection
This box of beautiful confections features our Meltaway hearts – a contemporary interpretation of the classic Midwest candy. 
Mint Meltaway, Raspberry Meltaway, Mocha Meltaway.
Small Box (12 pc.): $24
Large Box (24 pc.): $44
Valentine's Day Classic Collection
Our best-selling Classic Collection in our beautiful Valentine’s Day packaging.  Inside this box of handmade chocolate confections, you will find a collection of some of the finest chocolates made anywhere. Confections: Classic Fleur de Sel Caramel, Bittersweet Fleur de Sel Caramel, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butterfly,  Bittersweet  Peanut Butterfly, Raspberry Heart, Passion Fruit Heart, Mojito Heart, Meyer Lemon Yankee, Blood Orange Yankee, Espresso Caramel
Small Box (10 pc.): $24
Large Box (20 pc.): $44
Valentine's Day Hearts Collection
This box of beautiful confections features our heart shaped chocolates with a thin 65% bittersweet shell.  They are filled with a rich, creamy raspberry, passion fruit or mojito chocolate ganache. 
Raspberry Hearts, Passion Fruit Hearts, Mojito Hearts
Small Box (12 pc.): $24
Large Box (24 pc.): $44
Ruby Chocolate Bars

These bars are offered individually on our website and while not Valentine’s-specific we do feature them because of their gorgeous Ruby hue) 

Ruby Strawberry Bar

Ruby Raspberry & Pistachio Bar

Ruby Cocoa Nib Brittle Bar


Heart Collection Edible Chocolate Box

Enjoy, share or give our handmade hearts to someone special. Our ganache hearts are made with fresh cream and butter and are infused with raspberry, passion fruit or mojito flavor. When the chocolates are gone, you’ll still have the box to keep – or devour. Confections: Raspberry Heart, Passion Fruit Heart, Mojito Heart

$65 each

Corporate Gift Program

Client appreciation just got sweeter.

The perfect gift idea for customers, clients and colleagues. Promote brand awareness with a sweet bonus. Award winning, small batch chocolates that are fully customizable with logos or graphics. Gift or enjoy these chocolate delights knowing you helped save a low income cancer patient’s hair.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Your customers deserve a gift with a quality that matches your business. Charles Chocolates has a wide variety of corporate gift ideas that can be fully customized to fit your needs. Charles Chocolates will donate 20% of your purchases to HairToStay’s scalp cooling subsidy program.

Custom Edible Chocolate Boxes

Custom Chocolate & Caramel Boxes