We offer two types of donor funding…

One: Medical Center Partner Program

Are you interested in offering scalp cooling in your facility? We’d like you to join us in the movement to help cancer patients keep their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. As the only national nonprofit dedicated to helping cancer patients afford scalp cooling, HairToStay understands the value and the challenges this presents your patients; that’s why we’ve created our medical center partner program.

The Challenge…
Offering scalp cooling as a service in your medical center is the first step in our unified effort to help cancer patients keep their hair while undergoing chemotherapy, but the costs associated with the treatment and the slow uptake of insurance providers presents a new challenge for medical centers. Many facilities have considered addressing this challenge by soliciting donations to create a patient fund; however, managing the vetting of patient eligibility and the distribution of subsidy funds to patients is an added cost in both time and labor.

Two: Geography-Specific Funds

A number of donors and foundations have shown interest in funding patients within particular geographic regions. Similar to our medical center stewardship programs, we charge a modest administration fee to create and manage specific funds for geographies. These can be entire states, cities or even specific zip codes.

The Solution

HairToStay has created a partnership program with medical centers, individuals and foundations in which we will manage your patient fund. HairToStay will:

  • Help you set customized eligibility criteria
  • Vet all patient applications
  • Collect and track patient payments for treatment
  • Write checks to eligible patients in your geographic region
  • Report regularly on the use of funds.

How it Works

The steps to setting this up are easy, and include:

  1. Informing HairToStay of your intent establish a fund for your center’s patients
  2. Determining the size of the initial fund ($25,000+)
  3. Determining the eligibility criteria if you’d like it to differ from HairToStay’s standard of 3x the Federal Poverty Level
  4. Determining the amount of each subsidy – typically from $1,000-$1,500
  5. Funding your account with HairToStay.

The Cost

HairToStay charges a 10% management fee for your fund, which covers most of our cost of processing applications and the labor involved in distribution and reporting of funds, i.e. if you fund your account for $25,000, then $22,500 will go directly to patient subsidies and $2,500, will go to HairToStay as an Admin fee. If you replenish your fund with an additional $50,000, HairToStay would charge $5,000 for management and $45,000 would go to patient subsidies.

Why Use HairToStay?

1. As the only national nonprofit dedicated specifically to serving this mission, and with our team’s experience with scalp cooling dating back to its introduction in the United States, the infrastructure for accepting, processing, approving and tracking applications for patient subsidies is already in place.

2. HairToStay has the ability to write checks directly to patients, while medical centers are sometimes restricted from doing so easily or at all.

3. We will provide regular reporting on your fund-applications received, applications approved, funds distributed, demographics and socioeconomic information on patients, data on monthly/quarterly requests and current balance.

4. We also capture extremely valuable data in our pre- and post-treatment surveys that we can provide to you and your donor base, including patient response to the impact scalp cooling has had on their experience and overall well-being. With expressed written permission from the patient, this information, along with measurable outcomes about hair retention, can be used for you to solicit additional funds.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today at info@hairtostay.org or at 415.999.7121

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