Qualified Scalp Cooling Suppliers

In order to be eligible to apply for a scalp cooling subsidy from HairToStay, patients must receive their treatment from a scalp cooling supplier that has been approved as a Qualified Scalp Cooling Supplier.

How scalp cooling suppliers are qualified

If you are a scalp cooling supplier and want to be considered for inclusion on the Qualified Scalp Cooling Supplier List please contact us.

HairToStay reserves the right to remove any supplier from the Qualified Scalp Cooling Supplier List if they become non-compliant with the qualification criteria.

The HairToStay Board of Directors has the sole authority to establish supplier qualification criteria and approve suppliers for inclusion on the Qualified Scalp Cooling Supplier List. In general, scalp cooling systems that have shown themselves to be effective and are offered by reputable scalp cooling businesses will be approved and be eligible for subsidy.

Criteria considered by the HairToStay Board of Directors in evaluating scalp cooling suppliers include:

  • Proof that a reasonable population of patients have completed a full course of scalp cooling therapy using the system with consistent evidence of treatment success
  • Positive business reputation and satisfactory patient service levels, including patient and medical provider reference checks as needed
  • Satisfactory financial stability, including review of financial statements and business references as needed.
  • A contribution to the subsidy program providing scalp cooling for a minimum of 10 recipients. This can be handled either by providing 10 or more approved recipients with scalp cooling free of charge, or by contributing directly to HairToStay.


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