As a former scalp cooling patient, you already know that scalp cooling is a revolutionary treatment. One that not only helped save your hair, but along with it your sense of privacy, identity and well-being. You also know that scalp cooling is expensive and not covered by most insurance.

We estimate that there are over 100,000 patients a year who could get the same great benefits from scalp cooling as you did, but just can’t afford it. The SaveItForward Program gives you the power to pass along the gift of scalp cooling to those who otherwise would not have the option.

Join the Movement

Please contact us if you would like to get involved. We are open to your thoughts or ideas about how to make the SaveItForward program more effective and we’ll try to make the program work for you.

Email us at or call Jackie Ashton at (415) 963-2364.

How to Get Involved

The SaveItForward Program arose from the enthusiasm and gratitude of former scalp cooling patients who approached us and asked how they could help. These patients knew firsthand what an incredible option scalp cooling was for them and wanted to pass it along to those who might not be able to afford it. Here are some ways for you to get involved and give back to others.

Participate in a Fundraising Campaign with Crowdrise

HairToStay Crowdrise

We’ll set up and manage a personal Crowdrise campaign for you!

  • Your Crowdrise campaign will be featured on
  • All donations are tax-deductible to your donors and go directly to HairToStay
  • We’ll provide advice on how to promote your campaign to friends, family and associates through email and social media

Thanks to scalp cooling I retained 90% of my hair. I never had to explain to my son why mommy doesn’t have hair anymore. He never even knew I was sick. This made my situation bearable and helped me fight and win this life-and-death attack on my health, privacy and well-being.

SaveItForward has given me, my friends and my family a way to help express our gratitude by helping to bring this same life-changing treatment to the many patients that can’t afford it. This is truly a game-changer. Let’s make it happen!

– Nancy

Organize an In-home Scalp Cooling Educational Salon

HairToStay Home Salon

Invite friends and associates to learn about scalp cooling and support HairToStay.

We’ll support you in order to make your salon a success. We will provide:

  • An Evite invitation that you can easily email to invitees
  • A Crowdrise site for your event that will allow invitees to donate online
  • Presentation materials to educate your audience
  • Remote participation by HairToStay leadership when desired and possible

Promote the HairToStay Salon Program to Your Local Hair Salons

Bring local hair salons on-board to become donors and fundraisers for HairToStay.

  • We’ll provide you with a flyer explaining the program to help you persuade your local salons to join
  • We’re happy to join a phone call with you and your local salon to help explain the program
  • Salon Program participants will be eligible to receive a full complement of support from HairToStay to help announce and promote their support. For more information please click here.