While most of us are familiar with the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, LiveStrong, and other very large cancer organizations, we wanted to point out a few lesser-known organizations that might be helpful. If you know of an organization that should be added to this page, please contact

The Rapunzel Project logo

The Rapunzel Project,, donates biomedical freezers to infusion centers so that patients can store their mechanical cold caps there without the expense of buying dry ice.

Breast Cancer Resource Center

The Breast Cancer Resource Center, in Austin, TX, and The Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation, in San Antonio, TX, have patient navigators and provide many, many services for breast cancer patients.

NeedyMeds logo

NeedyMeds, provides access to low-cost and free prescriptions for low income households, as well as many other services.

Sharsheret Logo

Sharsheret,, supports young Jewish women who have breast cancer (women of Ashkenzi descent have a higher risk than the general population).

Stupid Cancer logo

Stupid Cancer, provides help to young adults (ages 15-39) that are diagnosed with cancer.

CancerCare, provides financial services as well as counseling, support groups, and a lot of information on various types of cancer. logo is a non-profit service that encourages individuals affected by breast cancer to consider clinical trials as a routine option for care. They sort through hundreds of breast cancer trials to find the ones that are right for you.