We are the HairToStay Team.

We are doing our best to operate a lean and agile organization where the vast majority of proceeds can find their way directly to our subsidy recipients.

Bethany S. Hornthal
Co-Founder and Executive Director,
Hornthal & Co., Inc.

Bethany S. Hornthal

Bethany is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of HairToStay. Upon graduation from Northwestern University, Bethany began work in Boston as an advertising agency Account Executive for A&W Beverages. After moving to California, Bethany founded her own consulting firm and provided marketing and communications services for a number of up and coming Silicon Valley companies during the 1980’s and 1990’s. 

In the 1990’s, after starting a family, Bethany became more serious about social impact and began focusing her efforts in non profit sectors. Over the past 20 years, Bethany has held a variety of Board and consulting positions for non profits in the healthcare and community sectors.

Noah Warren
Development Director, HairToStay

Noah Warren

Noah’s passion for nonprofits dates back almost 30 years, volunteering for organizations and his synagogue in his hometown of Sacramento, beginning at an early age. This commitment to helping others was passed down to Noah by his mother, an activist who believed firmly in helping those less fortunate. His plan to attend law school was altered greatly when he began working at a group home for foster youth shortly after graduating from UC Davis. It was there he discovered that his life’s purpose was in helping others; and so began a career in nonprofit work.

In the last 14 years, Noah has worked in the capacity of direct service, nonprofit administration, program development, operations, and fundraising and development. He has considerable experience as a grant writer, raising over $10M for nonprofits whose missions range from healthcare to youth services, and currently sits on the Board of three nonprofits. Moved by the mission and the commitment of the small, but dedicated team, Noah joined HairToStay in 2017. As the development director, Noah is responsible for the development and implementation of fundraising initiatives, grant writing, development of key relationships, and has been integral in our partnership with the haircare industry.

James Mauch
Bookkeeping, HairToStay

James Mauch

James Mauch is the HairToStay bookkeeper, along with doing the books for multiple other companies in the Bay Area. He comes from LA but has lived in the Bay Area for over 15 years.  He enjoys concerts, mountains, and spending time with his two young children, Sierra and Jasper.  He has been in the HairToStay family for over a year and has enjoyed being a part of the great work that HTS does for their clients.

Board of Directors

Bethany S. Hornthal

Executive Director, President.

In 2010, Dr. Laura Esserman (USCF) asked Bethany to look into a treatment called scalp cooling, mentioned by a patient at the Breast Care Center. Given the success of scalp cooling in Europe, Bethany secured philanthropic funding in the US in order to conduct an FDA trial, and received clearance in 2015. Convinced that saving one’s hair during chemo should not just be a privilege of those with significant means, and determined to find ways to make scalp cooling accessible to as many patients as possible, Bethany co-founded HairToStay in April, 2016, and leads HairToStay as the Executive Director. 

Hope Rugo

Managing Director, HairToStay

Dr. Hope Rugo is a medical oncologist and hematologist specializing in breast cancer research and treatment. A Clinical Professor of Medicine, Dr. Rugo joined the Breast Care Center in 1999 after a decade of experience at UCSF in malignant hematology and bone marrow transplantation for a variety of diseases, including breast cancer. In 2010, Dr Rugo took the lead as Principal Investigator for the first FDA Trial to grant clearance (December 2015) to a scalp cooling system (The DigniCap System) to be marketed in the United States.

Janie Friend

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