Getting involved with SaveItForward

You already know that scalp cooling is a revolutionary treatment; one that not only helped save your hair, but along with it, your sense of privacy, identity and well-being. You also know that scalp cooling is expensive, and not covered by most insurance.

We estimate that there are over 100,000 patients a year who could get the same great benefits from scalp cooling as you did, but just can’t afford it. That’s where HairToStay comes in. HairToStay is the only national nonprofit dedicated to helping financially challenged cancer patients keep their hair, giving subsidies of up to $1,000 to each patient.

Our SaveItForward Program gives you the power to give the gift of scalp cooling to others that can’t afford.

There are several ways for you to be involved:

1). HairToStay will create an online fundraiser with your story and photo for you to share with your network of friends, colleagues and loved ones to donate to help cancer patients who can’t afford scalp cooling.

2). Make a donation directly to HairToStay on the Donate page.

3). Host a fundraiser in your community to benefit HairToStay – Some of our SaveItForward patients have hosted in-home events or run-a-thons at the park, for example.

4). Join our registry of grateful scalp cooling patients who want to SaveItForward by promoting events and fundraising campaigns in your community; just fill out the form below and check the “Add me to the SIF Registry” box.

Every $1,000 we raise gives one more patient the chance to save their hair. Check out some of the touching stories from HairToStay subsidy recipients on our testimonials page.

If you’d like to join the SaveItForward movement and help cooler heads prevail, please fill out the form below, or contact HairToStay today at or 415.999.7121.

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