How our Haircare Partners work with HairToStay

Haircare professionals, manufacturers and distributors across the country partner with HairToStay to raise funds for our subsidy program, and heighten awareness about scalp cooling.

Join the HairToStay movement, and help us raise the $1M needed to help 1,000 women and men avoid the devastation of hair loss and heartbreaking experience of a ‘chemo cut’.

What our salon partners are saying about their experience…

Raising money for HairToStay has been the most rewarding and valuable experience of the year for our team and guests.

Scott Buchanan, Scott J Aveda Salons


Fundraising for HairToStay has been easy, fun and extremely rewarding for our team and our clients.

Keri Davis & Karla Lopez-Martinez, Gila Rūt Salons

San Diego, CA

Avalon passionately supports HairToStay to help cancer patients battle this disease while maintaining their dignity.

Bonnie Conte, Avalon Salon and Spa

Deer Park, IL

National Salon-a-Thon Program

HairToStay Salon-a-Thons are innovative fundraising campaigns designed specifically for the haircare industry, and open to salons across the U.S. Throughout the year, HairToStay coordinates national salon-a-thon campaigns for salon owners, stylists and haircare suppliers. In February, to celebrate Valentines Day, in May, in honor of Mother’s Day, and in October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a participant in one of these events, salons will be a part of a national campaign, benefit from national and local publicity, receive Salon-a-Thon collateral and additional support. You may also host a Salon-a-Thon fundraiser any other time of the year that works better for you.

HairToStay Salon-a-Thons are unique to each salon, with several ways to participate:

  • Host a cut-a-thon
  • Donate the proceeds from a day of service and/or product sales
  • Donate tips from the day
  • Donate proceeds for a particular product or product line 
  • Pledge a percentage of service and/or product sales for a period of time

We work with each salon to tailor a program that works with your situation.

What goes into a Salon-a-Thon fundraiser?

  1. You sign up to host a Salon-a-Thon
  2. We provide you with links to informational videos about scalp cooling and HairToStay and content for client emails and social media promos
  3. You email your clients and promote on social media
  4. You decide how much of the proceeds to donate

We’ll guide you every step of the way

Once you sign up, you will be contacted by a HTS representative. You will also receive promotional materials for your salon and support from HairToStay in national and local marketing efforts,

See a gallery of Salon-a-Thons from across the country!

Interested in hosting a Salon-a-Thon?

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