What is a HairToStay Salon-a-Thon?

HairToStay Salon-a-Thons are innovative fundraising campaigns designed specifically for the haircare industry, open to salons across the U.S. By joining the HairToStay movement, and hosting a Salon-a-Thon, you can help raise the $1 million needed to help 1,000 women and men undergoing chemo avoid the heartbreaking experience of a ‘chemo cut’.

In May 2017, Revery Salon in Mill Valley, CA held their first HairToStay Salon-a-Thon and raised several thousand dollars!

The HairToStay Salon-a-Thon is a win-win. Our clients feel great about being part of this special cause and our stylists feel great about being able to use their talents to give back in such a meaningful way. Every cut, blow-out, highlight and shave mattered. The Salon-a-Thon is also a great way to introduce new folks to our salon and barber shop. In the end, it is not just about creating a great look, it’s also about creating a great feeling. Our staff is excited to do it again!

Heather Fultz, Co-owner of Revery Salon and Shavery Barbershop

Every $1,000 raised will change the life of a cancer patient

HairToStay Salon-a-Thons are unique to each salon, with several ways to participate:

  • Donate the proceeds from a day of service and product sales
  • Donate tips from the day
  • Pledge a percentage of service and product sales for a period of time

We work with each salon to tailor a program that works with your situation.

A cause close to our hearts

“Many of us have had the painful experience of cutting a client’s hair as they undergo chemotherapy. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if that was something we never had to do again? Supporting HairToStay’s Salon-a-Thon will tie your salon to a cause that will resonate strongly within your community and among your clients.”

Andrew Todd – Owner, diPietro Todd Salon

Host a Salon-a-Thon

Collect Client Donations

Set a Goal

Pick a day or days during the month of October and hold a Salon-a-Thon event at your salon. Donate your proceeds for that day to HairToStay. Many salons are choosing to hold the event on a Monday when they’re normally closed.

Ask your clients to donate side-by-side with you during Salon-a-Thon. Possibly offer to match a portion of their donations.

Every $1,000 subsidizes another patient. How many lives can your salon try to change? Donate a percentage of your total product and/or service revenues for the entire month of October.

We’ll guide you every step of the way

Our Salon-a-Thon Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to organizing, promoting and executing your Salon-a-Thon based on input from salon managers and stylist who have had first-hand experience staging the event. Once you sign up, you will be contacted by a HTS representative and we will support you with the following materials.

  • Concise information to help your stylists and staff members answer questions about scalp cooling, the cause and the event
  • Email and social media templates to inform and promote the event to your clients and community about the event
  • Press release templates to help you engage the local media in the cause
  • Collateral materials such as static cling signage that you can easily attach to stylist stations or salon windows and printable flyers that you can hand out to clients to educate them on scalp cooling and your Salon-a-thon event
    You will also receive promotional support from HairToStay in our National and local advertising and PR campaigns. We are conducting an aggressive social media campaign to help create buzz. Your salon will be featured as a participant on our webpage and within our social media network.

Interested in hosting a Salon-a-Thon?

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