Subsidy and Eligibility

HairToStay is a nonprofit organization that offers need-based grants to offset the expense of scalp cooling systems for chemotherapy patients being treated in the United States.

About Scalp Cooling

There are two basic approaches to Scalp Cooling: Manual Scalp Cooling Systems and Automated Scalp Cooling Systems. Click here for more information about your options for scalp cooling.

Scalp cooling minimizes chemotherapy-induced hair loss by continuous application of precisely cooled caps (either individual caps or using an automated scalp cooling machine) to the scalp beginning just prior to each chemotherapy infusion and continuing during and immediately following the infusion. Currently, most insurance companies do not cover the costs of scalp cooling.

How to apply for a subsidy

Read the Eligibility Requirements below. If you qualify for a subsidy, download and fill out the Scalp Cooling Subsidy Program Application and submit it along with the documentation requested in the application. You can submit it by email, by fax to 888-246-6527 or by US mail to HairToStay Subsidy Program, P.O. Box 219, Gloucester, MA 01930. There is no deadline. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Please use the same name on your application as you use for ordering your scalp cooling treatment.

Eligibility requirements

To receive a subsidy from HairToStay, you must meet the following requirements and provide supporting documentation as described in the Scalp Cooling Subsidy Program Application.

• Demonstrate Financial Need: For most patients, your household income must be at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Chart 1 below shows the maximum income levels that will still allow you to qualify for a subsidy. Special donor-targeted funds exist for patients receiving treatment at the University of California San Francisco or residing or receiving treatment in Texas, Atlanta, GA, and certain parts of Northern California, Hawaii, or Nevada. Patients that qualify for those special funds may receive subsidies if their household income is at or below 400% of the FPL as shown in Chart 2.

Chart 1:
Income maximum for 300% of Federal Poverty Level
For each additional person in your household, add the following: 48 Contiguous States – $4,180 Alaska – $5,230 Hawaii – $4,810
Chart 2:
Income maximum for 400% of Federal Poverty Level
  • Be a chemotherapy patient who has been diagnosed with a solid tumor cancer. Scalp cooling is not recommended for blood (hematological) cancer patients and those patients are not eligible for a subsidy.
  • Be a full-time US resident receiving treatment in a medical facility located in the United States.
  • Be already using or ready to use a scalp cooling system from one of the following Qualified Scalp Cooling suppliers.

Arctic Cold Caps
Chemo Cold Caps
Dignitana Dignicap System
Paxman Scalp Cooling
Penguin Cold Caps


  • If at any time during your treatment you apply for, plan to apply for or receive any other outside financial assistance for your scalp cooling treatments, you must identify those sources in the appropriate section of this application, or inform us if your application has already been approved. Receipt of other financial support may impact your ability to qualify for all or part of a HairToStay subsidy. Funds provided by family members or friends or fee discounts made available by the scalp cooling suppliers specifically to HairToStay approved patients do not need to be identified.

IMPORTANT: We do not subsidize scalp cooling treatment expenses incurred prior to your application being approved, only expenses incurred once your subsidy has been formally approved.

How you will be notified

You will usually be notified within one week of submission of a completed application regarding the status of your application. If you have not heard back, please contact us by email at or by phone at 800-270-1897.

Amount of the subsidy and how you will be reimbursed

  • The maximum total subsidy amount available to you will usually be $1,000. Special donor-targeted funds exist for patients receiving treatment at the University of California San Francisco or residing or receiving treatment in Texas, Atlanta, GA, and certain parts of Northern California, Hawaii, or Nevada. Patients that qualify for these special funds may receive maximum total subsidies of up to $1,500. You will be notified of the total amount of your subsidy approved.
  • You will be reimbursed for a portion of the actual cost of each of your treatment charges after we have verified the payment of your invoice with your supplier.
  • The amount reimbursed depends upon how your supplier bills for treatments:
    – For suppliers who charge separately for each treatment: You will be reimbursed for the cost of the treatment up to a maximum of $180 per treatment.
    – For suppliers who charge a monthly rental fee: You will be reimbursed the cost of each monthly rental up to a maximum of $180 per month.
    – For suppliers who charge an upfront, one-time fee: You will be reimbursed 60% of the treatment cost for that order.
    Please note the following important policies regarding the use of your subsidy funds:
  • Each patient is eligible to be approved for a single subsidy. If approved, you will not be eligible to reapply for future subsidies from HairToStay.
  • Your subsidy must be used in full within six months of approval, after which any remaining subsidy funds will no longer be available.
  • You must submit your first treatment invoice for reimbursement within eight weeks of approval or your subsidy will be inactivated. To reactivate it, you will have to reapply and pay a new $25 application fee.
  • You must submit all treatment invoices for reimbursement within four weeks of the invoice date or you may not be eligible for reimbursement.

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If you have questions about scalp cooling in general, please email us at

For all questions about the Scalp Cooling Subsidy Program please email or call toll free at 800-270-1897.

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